About K?rispatak

K?rispatak is situated in the valley of  Küsm?d (Cusmed) river, 6 kilometers west from Etéd (Atid). K?rispatak (Criseni) is Hargita (Harghita) county’s border village.

You can get to K?rispatak from Erd?szentgyörgy (near the Bözödújfalu lake), or from Székelykeresztúr (Cristuru-Secuiesc). From Székelykeresztúr the distance is 32 kilometers and from Erd?szentgyorgy is 16 kilometers.

The village is 3km long, has about 700 people.

In the XVII. century here was a Calvinist church, built in gothic style. The present church was built in 1820, because the old church burned down. On the churches tower can be seen the date when the church was built. The parish house was built between 1844 and 1861.

The first Unitarian church was built in 1670. After Reformation two churches appeared in the village: one Unitarian and one Calvinist.

In K?rispatak, the main occupation was agriculture and firewood transportation. The tradition of making straw hats and straw ornaments is almost 150 year old. Today, the majority of the villagers are familiar with this art.